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Can Pragya (Tricycle) survive in Akim Oda?

by ignitius

The use of Tricycles as a means of road transport has become popular in several fragments of Ghana. The tricycles have different sweet names such as ‘Pragya’, ‘Motto Kia’ etc.

In the Eastern region, townships including Koforidua and others have warmly accepted the system of transport, probably because of affordability, convenience, and the tendency to provide jobs to
several youths in the areas.

In Akim Oda, the township is straggling to embrace this system. A few years ago, this system came into full operation but did not last, probably because a taxi driver felt it would ruin your livelihood and the safety aspect of the passengers.

Once again, heroism falls on the shoulders of one Mr. Nana Kwesi Amoasi, who is trying to rekindle the patronize of this system in Akim-Oda. So we ask ourselves, can he do it? What are your views? Watch and listen to what he has to say during an interview with Oda4tv.

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